Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Back To Work

It was good to get back to my regular schedule and work?  Yes, keep saying that, over and over until you believe it.  Actually, the best part of my first day back would be my lunch break.  HeHe. It really was a break from work stressors. because I actually jotted down a few famous quotes to use in future projects. I also did a little cut in paste in my old grundgy journal with a few snippets I had tucked away there.  (I like to stash little bits including pictures and scraps that I want to save but don't have an exact use for at the time within the pages of old journals-I have several ongoing journals that I bounce back and forth using at any given time) and when I open a page voila! there's something I know that I love to paste down in my journal. So have a great day.  Looking forward to the weekend and time for creating!

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