Saturday, February 19, 2011

What to create?

So, we all know that we can find inspiration from many when you are bombarded with creative energy, you want to capture all of the ideas and suspend them in space until you are ready to use them.  Hmmmm theoretically that sounds great.  I think that is why I start multiple projects at one time, so I won't forget all of the ideas.  I know that completing projects is my mose difficult hurdle to master.  The second would be focusing on one new skill at a time.  There are so many techniques I want to learn and so many artists whose style I adore and want to create some of their projects.  I love the collage work of Teesha Moore and Kelly Kilmer.  I also am fascinated by the calligraphy of Martha Lever;  I admire the fabric work of Traci Bautista and Nancy Lefko. There are numerous mini album scrappers that I love the follow as well.  I have a Steampunk journal I want to finish tomorrow and will plan on uploading a video on you tube.  It is late and I am zonked out.  I did my taxes today in addition to the usual Saturday chores so I am especially tired.  The good news is!  Off Monday! Shout out to all my artists! friends I love you!

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