Monday, July 4, 2011

Crafts, Arts? Fiber ART? ART OVER TIME

So I'm talking to a male friend of mine - alas, I seem to have more of them than female friends, what happens to females during their forties? I'll tell you one thing they are usually absorbed in other people - either they are raising children, helping their parents, or raising a man. He He so I say, I am one of the fortunate ones that is a little outcasty but getting more settled with that and have more free time on my hands than most. I don't need support financially, so I don't have to be with someone, I am not responsible for any other live person aka teens!!! So I pretty much come and go as I please, but usually don't go very far from home - I love creating too much. I will say thoought, I tend to leave the creative world behind for long spans of time-for days, months even years at a time, but I ALWAYS and I mean always come back to art in one way or another.

My last creative adventure took me to frequent visits to Michaels, JoAnns and Frenzy Stamper on many weekend excursions and on line to many suggested sites to gather creative ephemera and art supplies! Most recently, creating sploches of color on paper, assembling them into journals then stamping and embellishing them, giving some away and keeping the most cherished ones. Then as quickly as I got into journaling and bookmaking, I switched to FIBER ART!

It started when I was expecting my parents from back East and I needed to finish this sweater I was knitting for my mom - which I had started two years ago. I pretty much got stuck at a certain point and needed help. So I enlisted the aid of some pretty groovy people at a local meet up - Knitting in Tempe and Elsewhere (with a nice tape measure!!!hehe you know who you are. Headed up by group founder and extraordinary fiber artist, Bonnie Thomas! I went to these meetups on Tuesday pms for a while and I picked up a lot of tips and a few of the gals showed me how to get through the rough patches...oh and got me hooked on making socks on double pointed needles. So the Odyssey took a different turn once again! I made a pair of socks that were actually quite good and I plan on making more of them. I decided I needed to get more yarn. But as the Yarn Purists of Knitting in Tempe will tell you, nothing satisfies like alpaca wool! So I investigated that and realized there is something incredibly different and pleasing to have 100% alpaca running through your fingers as your knit or in this case crochet!!!Oh did I forget to mention, I you-tubed for direction at some point and I ended up being utterly and completely consumed by GRANNY SQUARES!!!! So that's pretty much were I am now totally focused on whipping out 5 x 5 squares of color hoping one day to put them all together in blankets and such. I didn't think I would like crochet better than knitting but I do like the way you can roll up a crochet hook and a ball of yarn in your bag on the go and crochet - the crochet hook isn't as bulky as are knitting needles. Anyway, for now I am happy with Granny Squares.

Oh, yeah back to my phone conversation with said male friend, he asks, as per usual, what I did or what I am doing today. do I describe sitting on my couch, watching TV, surrounded by my three pups- crocheting? Caption: middle-aged, spinster living in Dullsville- well at least until I show him a finished Granny Square blanket. Stay tuned......

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